Wednesday, June 29, 2011

David Diaz at Books,Boots, and Buckskins SCBWI Austin

Every once in a while, you have a day which really kind of changes the course of your career a little bit - and for me that day was February 19th of this year at the "Books, Boots, and Buckskin" SCBWI Regional Conference in Austin, Texas.

I had the privilege of meeting and speaking with two of the finest illustrators in the world - literally.
David Diaz and Julian Hector.
Today is about David Diaz.

Here is a picture of me with David, as well as a picture of two David Diaz books which I own - "Me, Frida" and "Smoky Night". "Smoky Night" - beautifully written by Eve Bunting - is a Caldecott winner. Both - truly works of art.

My mother, who is also a writer, was at the conference. She told me she saw David Diaz drawing on an empty cake box outside in the hallway before the silent auction. Sure enough, a few minutes later, there it was on the table. I bid on it and won! So, here it is … in a place of honor in my studio … to remind me … always remain unique.

Notice my Van Gogh and Charles Dickens action figures. Van Gogh actually has a detachable ear.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pleased To Announce My New Book Contract for "Deerskin Daughters"

Hello Everyone,
The Best of News.

I signed a contract with Mountain Press Publishing Company to illustrate their new YA book titled (tentatively) Deerskin Daughters : True Stories of Native American Women.
The book is due out in 2013, and I am very proud to be working on this book with acclaimed writer Peggy Caravantes - author of 10 non-fiction biographies since 2002 for middle grade and young adults. I've read several of her books and I love them. Lucky me.

Here are a few of the wonderful books written by Peggy Caravantes.

Keep having fun everyone,
Carolyn Dee Flores