Saturday, July 30, 2011

Announcing My New Picture Book Contract to Illustrate "The Frog/La Rana" for Arte Público Press(Piñata Books)

Wow! What a great birthday! I shopped with my friends, ate great food, and watched episodes of "Fame", (yeah, THAT Fame - the series from the 80's), all day.

 Topping everything off, when I arrived home I was notified that I had just won the contract to illustrate a new children's picture book for  Piñata Books/Arte Público Press tenatively titled "The Frog/La Rana" based on a traditional Spanish sing-a-long nursery rhyme. I am blown away!

This is my second children's book illustration contract this year. I am also illustrating a YA book titled "Deerskin Daughters: True Stories of Native American Women" written by Peggy Caravantes.

Underwater singing frogs AND Deerskin Daughters! It doesn't get any better than that!

Here I am - on my birthday - playing a lot of songs on the jukebox.

Have a great week,
Carolyn Dee Flores