Friday, November 12, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Creating A Dummy Book - Part2 - Adding the Book Covers

Example of a Finished Dummy Book
By Carolyn Dee Flores

  1. Fold black cloth tape over the left edge of your booklet, covering the staples on both sides. 

  1. Cut 2 Pieces of Black Foam Board For Covers.
Add ¼" to the width, and ½" to the height  of your picture book format for book cover dimensions.
  For example, for an 8" x 10" landscape picture book :
                                (2) pieces of foam board (8½" x 10¾")

  1. Hinge the foam board covers to the front and back of your book with a single strip of black cloth tape, as shown here.

  1. Bind your book on the outside with a vertical strip of black cloth tape.
At this point, your book should be able to stand when propped open on its side, as shown here.

  1. Mark The Front Of Your Book.

  1. To create the jacket for your book, cut a piece of white brochure  paper (2½ times the width of your book by the height of your cover.) Wrap the paper around your book and fold  to allow for jacket flaps. Adhere with scotch tape. 

  1. Dummy book with cover.

Next time, "Creating a Dummy Book Part3 - Content."
              Carolyn Dee Flores

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ka-Pow! New Toy

Carolyn's latest toy →  Strip Designer App for iPad to create comic strips. Neat-O!