Friday, January 7, 2011

Interview with Diane Muldrow, Editorial Director Golden Books/Random House

Diane Muldrow is Editorial Director at Golden Books/Random House. She is  the author of "We Planted a Tree", and other children's books - including several board books.  She is also the editor of keepsake editions of many Little Golden Book Classics such as "The Little Red Hen" and "The Bunny Book."

I was fortunate enough to attend Diane Muldrow’s “Creating the Picture Book: Master Class” at the 2010 SCBWI  Conference in L.A. I heard the class sold out in 15 minutes.
Lucky me, I got in. Diane Muldrow's class took my understanding of picture books and the picture book format to an entirely new level. I recommend it highly. Not only that, but the talent in that class was crazy cool. Here are just a few of the notables:

Bradley Cooper - Honorable mention - Tomie dePaola 2011 Award - (Announced yesterday)

John Deininger 
National and Regional SCBWI portfolio awards (Honorable mention, '08 International Winter Conference; 2nd runner-up, '09 Western Washington Conference).

Debbie Ohi -   
Honor Award & a Mentorship Award in the 2010 SCBWI Illustrator Portfolio Showcase in L.A.
Currently illustrating a book by writer/comedian/actor Michael Ian Black for Simon Schuster, due out in 2012.

Sheli Peterson -  

Clients include Highlights for Children,
Ilustrator of six children's books including:  
  • Gigi and the Birthday Ringby Giselle Fernandez  
  • Voladores by Patricia Petersen  
  • Los Genios de la Montaña by Raquel Benatar  
  • Itza—The Boy Who Rode a Jaguar by Leonard Bernard  
  • Magali—An Aztec Legend about Good Fortune by Patricia Petersen

These are just a few more SCBWI success stories.
Keep writing and illustrating,
Carolyn Dee Flores

It's A Total Mystery - Carolyn Dee Flores, Jesse Borrego

Before I was a writer/artist/illustrator … I was a songwriter.

I've never posted a bio before, but I ran into this link today on  Jesse Borrego's - "I Love Jesse Borrego " page, and I would like  to share it with you. 

The song is "It's A Total Mystery." It features actor Jesse Borrego and myself.
You might recognize  Jesse from "Fame," "Dexter",  "24", and "Con Air."
What a thrill it was having him in the video - and Jorge Sandoval did a great job directing.

Click here to see music video "It's A Total Mystery." Song written, performed, and produced by Carolyn Dee Flores.

"It's A Total Mystery." Song written, performed, and produced by Carolyn Dee Flores.

Hope you like it.
Carolyn Dee Flores

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Illustration for Tomie DePaola 2011 Heidi Award

My illustration entry for the Tomie dePaola 2011 Heidi Award.

Heidi - By Carolyn Dee Flores

The challenge was to illustrate the following text from Johanna Spyri's classic children's book  Heidi.
"From the pleasant town of Maienfeld a footpath leads up through shady green pastures to the foot of the high peaks that gaze down solemnly and majestically on the valley below. Anyone who sets out in the path will soon catch the keen fragrance of low mountain herbs and grasses, for the footpath rises straight and steep to the Alps.

One bright, sunny June morning, a tall, sturdy-looking young woman, evidently a native of the mountains, was climbing this narrow path. She led by the hand a little girl, whose cheeks glowed as if there were a ruddy flame under deep-tanned skin. And what wonder? In spite of the hot June sun, the child was bundled up as if she were to confront the sharpest frost. She could not have been five years old, but it was impossible to tell anything about her natural figure, for she wore two or three dresses, one over the other, and a big red cotton scarf around her neck; her feet were lost in heavy hobnailed shoes, and the little girl looked quite shapeless as she made her hot and laborious way up the mountain."
How impressive to see everyone's interpretations! Wonderful experience.   
Carolyn Dee Flores
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