Friday, January 7, 2011

It's A Total Mystery - Carolyn Dee Flores, Jesse Borrego

Before I was a writer/artist/illustrator … I was a songwriter.

I've never posted a bio before, but I ran into this link today on  Jesse Borrego's - "I Love Jesse Borrego " page, and I would like  to share it with you. 

The song is "It's A Total Mystery." It features actor Jesse Borrego and myself.
You might recognize  Jesse from "Fame," "Dexter",  "24", and "Con Air."
What a thrill it was having him in the video - and Jorge Sandoval did a great job directing.

Click here to see music video "It's A Total Mystery." Song written, performed, and produced by Carolyn Dee Flores.

"It's A Total Mystery." Song written, performed, and produced by Carolyn Dee Flores.

Hope you like it.
Carolyn Dee Flores

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