Saturday, March 31, 2012

Drawing Little Tiny Houses

I just posted this on my facebook page - because I was taking a break. But I like the idea of seeing what a person actually does - in order to get an illustration to work.

So this is me, drawing a lot of tiny little houses using a model I made from an eraser so I could see the lighting and the angles.

Carolyn Dee Flores in the studio at midnight

By the way, I researched this - and this is exactly what the houses in Savannah , Georgia  looked like in 1733. I even tried to get those really tall trees in the correct place. And, then I realized I had two flags blowing in opposite directions *big mistake*.

The lady featured is Mary Musgrove:Empress of the Creeks.

P.S. A Bit of Trivia: Mary Musgove - Creek Empress - established a trading post on this bluff first. It  would become Savannah, Georgia. She allowed General James Oglethorpe to build a colony there in 1733.

This is for the book "Daughters of Two Nations" written by Peggy Caravantes and published by Mountain Press which will be out later this year.

Carolyn Dee Flores

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