Friday, July 13, 2012

Tips for the dyslexic artist

Tip #1
Use quick and dirty clay models.
I use clay models when I am working because I have a lot of trouble remembering which direction my light source is coming from.

The model doesn't have to be great. It just has to show me where my shadows are.

Tip #2
Post a copy of a color wheel on the wall.

Whenever a shadow is cast on, say, a red surface, the shadow isn't black. It is gray with a certain amount of the "complement" color (or "opposite" color.)

A shadow on a red surface has more green in it, because you are removing the red.

But I can't remember complements ... ever.

So ... I have a color wheel posted on the wall.
 When I need to remember the complement of a color,
I just look up and see what color  opposite is.
Works for me!

Have a great weekend! Carolyn

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